Bittersweet Validation

Bittersweet Validation

In December of 2015, I thought I had a great idea, a voice-enabled banking device, that shows you how far are you to your savings goal, to that vacation/car purchase or even alert you if you are about to over-draft.

I did try to sell the idea and even patent it to my previous employer “Innovation Department” which gave me the standard “we are not an IT business” and somehow that director thought IOT is health related only!, luckily one of the great minds there saw the conversation online ( Greg O’Toole ) and was super enthusiastic, he contacted me and we sprung into action, I did a blog on using the pi and a cloud backend and he did a full moving robot with the help of his daughter!. it was fun and then life took us into our different directions.

More than a year later, while listening to Cloud-Cast podcast on my way to work, the topic was voice-enabled apps and “oh no dear lord!” it is my idea, it seems Capital One has already started doing this, At first I had a mixed emotions, I was excited with the validation,  yet frustrated that I never got the glory of being first there, but as the day went on, I was just excited (wait till you see the cool stuff we are working on these days!) .

As my 4 years old who can not stop watching ‘Cars’ would say..

Ka-chow! 🙂



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