Banking Internet-Of-Things!

I have been working on this idea to have a device connected to your bank account, or to a ‘pool’ inside your bank account.

I first spent sometime discovering the wonderful world of GPIO programming on Raspberry pi which was surprisingly easy as you can see in this video.

So Now it is time to put some infrastructure under this baby, I have built my solution on Liberty Profile on Bluemix (RESTful API) that connects to MongoDB hosted by MongoLabs.


So now the backend is ready

You can check your Account with the following URL.

Which will give you the sub-account balance for id ‘sub002’

The response will look something like this

balance: 850
_id“:{“$oid“: 56a514e5e4b0b62ca30bdcbd}
id: sub002
label: Cuba Vacation
soft“: true
target: 2800
So that is all what the device would need to know how far your progress is (You have saved 850$ out of the 2800$ target.
Now the traditional banking API’s would be something like the ‘deposit’ Action
Note: that this is a ‘Post’ not a ‘Get’
So now that we deposited 1000$ into our Account let us see how is Our Cuba Saving is doing ? we will issue the same query as early and the result came as !
balance: 930
_id“:{“$oid“: 56a514e5e4b0b62ca30bdcbd}
id: sub002
label: Cuba Vacation
soft“: true
target: 2800
So This new number (930) means that we added 80$ to our Cuba account, the secret to this is actually hidden in the ‘Account’ roles. The account contains a role that says
For Every Deposit in Account act001 , 8% will go into pool sub002
“id”: “account001”,
“type”: “chq”,
“pools”: [
“poolid”: “sub002”,
“freecash”: false,
“percentage”: 8
“balance”: 2000,
“total”: 4475

So Now the back end is ready for use and all what need to do is have my Raspberry pi light up Red, Yellow and Green to reflect the status of my cool bank account.

And Every time you deposit money into this account the savings will accumulate.


Now that the API is open on bluemix, Please , do not deposit a million dollars, I have not error proofed this, remember, I have a busy job and a three year old,time is a precious commodity here, so be nice :).



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